Hopper Stone / Columbia Pictures

Hopper Stone / Columbia Pictures

Copy/pasting my Facebook review on here.

Alright. Ghostbusters . I went in expecting it to be another so-so studio executive reboot, and in some ways it was, but the cast and the script worked SO superbly well together that it was very easy to overlook whatever other issues I have with the movie.

I thought the quartet had an incredible, comfortable energy that was unique to them without trying to crib from the original. I adore Melissa McCarthy from her role in Gilmore Girls and it’s good seeing her get out of her schtick. Kristin Wiig was as brilliant as ever. Leslie Jones’ and Kate McKinnon’s characters were maybe just a tiny bit one dimensional, but they were both hilarious working with what they had. That Hemsworth guy seems like he has a future.

I was watching with a ‘laugh out loud’ full house which I am sure helped, but I thought this was a very sharp movie. The crowd was LOLing a lot and there were a few very quick jokes the crowd missed that I really appreciated. Any movie that drops a DeBarge pun is going to win me over.

The villain was maybe a little too on the nose and surely was written in after all the interweb backlash over the movie, but it was serviceable. Shout out to all the reviews that completely missed the point while complaining about how bland and forgettable he was

I know the internet cesspool continues to froth over this movie, but I don’t have the mental bandwidth to pay attention to it. McCarthy had the right idea when she described the internet as one person screaming on a corner while 300,000 people walk by unphased.

OVERALL: Like Jurassic World, this was a very fine summer franchise restart that greatly benefited from how great the cast was. After who knows how many hours talking about Ghostbusters on the Sun-Times digital desk, my first instinct after seeing the movie was to message Emily about how much I loved it. I can’t wait to see it again.

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