Are you feeling a sudden burst of inspiration and want to vote on Tuesday, but aren’t sure where to start? Let’s get you sorted out.

First, the obvious question: are you registered to vote? 

You can check your current status on the Chicago Board of Election Commissioners website. If you are registered, that site will show you a map on how to get to your polling station and a handy sample ballot of what you can expect to see once you get there.

Not registered? You’re in luck! 2014 is the first year Illinois offers same-day registration after a bill was signed into law earlier this summer.

You will be able to register and vote at select locations if you are 18, an American citizen, and present two forms of identification, one of which shows your current address. Acceptable forms include a driver’s license, a state ID card, a passport, or a current utility bill, bank statement, government check, paystub, or other government document.

Before you head to your polling place, here are a few important things to review –

Here is a map of locations in the Chicagoland area where qualifying people can register to vote on Tuesday:

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