What do you get when you combine a GoPro camera, a professional stunt man and Chicago rooftops? Orland Park native and Chicago resident Ethan Swanson has the answer.

A video shared on GoPro’s YouTube account Wednesday shows Swanson casually leaping off the roof of a building – as an L train passes by, naturally – only to slide down an adjoining roof and into a stairwell.

Don’t try this at home. For that matter, don’t try this when you’re not at home.

According to his submission video for American Ninja Warrior, Swanson has an extensive history of gymnastics, rock climbing and parkour – all the skills you need to run jump around Chicago rooftops like Spiderman.

“I’m just a guy that jumps off stuff. Ultimately it’s not safe. It’s not a good thing to do,” Swanson told the New York Daily News. “My parents tell stories of me always jumping off things. It’s in my bones. I live it. I can’t explain it. It’s not a logical thing to do.”

A few more videos shared on his YouTube account show off his impressive skills.

Note the Eastern Illinois University sweater – representing his alma mater.

Sadly, he didn’t make American Ninja Warrior, but that’s their loss.

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