A new challenger is approaching in the race for Chicago’s 19th Ward. 

While Matthew O’Shea has represented Chicago’s Beverly, Morgan Park and Mt. Greenwood neighborhoods since 2011, enter Pat McGann, a very serious man who is looking to shake things up on the South Side. He announced his very serious candidacy for the 19th Ward’s City Council seat in a video posted to YouTube Sunday.

“Gonna open a skating rink? What is this, the ’80s?” McGann quips in a bold declaration that looks to finally bring the War on Skating Rinks to city limits.

A few more key platform planks from McGann’s campaign include stocking potholes with fish, something about no more cocktail waitresses in hoodies, and more cemetaries. 

“I just really want to be alderman,” McGann declares. As good a reason as any to run, right?

To his credit, Ald. O’Shea isn’t shirking away from the challenge, issuing a very clear callout of McGann on Twitter Monday morning. –

Watch his full announcement below –

[H/t @JessicaGalliart]